Hartelijk welkom!

Welcome in Antwerp. An important an wonderful seaport town. Here you find a wonderful culture, a living city with the third biggest port in europe.In Antwerp you find decades of art, history and music. Antwerp is known for the famous artists Rubens, Van Dyck or Jordaens.

For the girls, you find her best friends in Antwerp, because diamonds are girls best friends. Here in Antwerp is the important diamonds center of the hole world. Sport is of course some important part of Antwerp. In 1920 Antwerp held the Summer Olympics and 2013 it was awarded for the title of European Capital of Sport. 2007 Antwerp held the european junior championship in Wezenberg. There you can find an championship Swimming Pool with Locker Rooms, a Sauna Dry and a Snackbar. So put your towel and lets go to the Sauna.

The native language here in Belgium, Antwerp is Dutch. But you can find a lot of German, English or France speaker, too.

In 2016 the championships start in Azerbaijan, 2017 in Hungary.