History of Belgian Swimming and the European Junior Championships

Belgium was a founding member of Life Saving Federation. It was founded in 1902. Swimming sports like water polo, diving or swimming get more and more attention. Later the royal Belgian Swimming and Life Saving Federation changed its name into the Royal Belgium Swimming Federation.

The Federation counts over 5000 Members in over 50 clubs and organized a lot of lifesaving competition. As French, Dutch well as German (Deutschsprachiger Rettungsverein DRV) is a part of this.

For more information, the International Life Saving Federation.

The second oldest swimming club in Belgium (Antwerp Zwemclub) organized in co-operation with the Royal Belgian Swimming Federation and the Flemish Swim Federation the European Junior Championships 2007.

A lot of federation are responsible for the historical development and manifold Championships in the World. In 1908 the FINA, Fédération Internationale de Natation, was founded from 8 European countries. LEN, The Ligue Européenne de Natation was founded 1926 and organized the European Junior Championships since 1967.

1967 Linköping (SWE) 1969 Vienna (AUT) 1971 Rotterdam (NED)
1973 Leeds (GBR) 1975 Geneva (SUI) 1976 Oslo (NOR)
1978 Florence (ITA) 1980 Skövde (SWE) 1982 Innsbruck (AUT)
1983 Mulhouse (FRA) 1984 Luxembourg (LUX) 1985 Geneva (SUI)
1986 West Berlin (GER) 1987 Rome (ITA) 1988 Amersfoort (NED)
1989 Leeds (GBR) 1990 Dunkirk (GBR) / Frankfurt (GER) 1991 Antwerpen/ Brasschaat (BEL)
1992 Leeds (GBR) 1993 Istanbul (TUR) 1994 Pardubice (CZE)
1995 Geneva (SUI) 1996 Copenhagen (DEN) 1997 Glasgow / Edinburgh (GBR)
1998 Antwerpen / Brasschaat (BEL) 1999 Moscow (RUS) / Aachen (GER) 2000 Dunkirk (GBR) / Istanbul (TUR)
2001 Malta (MLT) 2002 Linz (AUT) 2003 Glasgow / Edinburgh (GBR)
2004 Lisbon (POR) /Aachen (GER) 2005 Budapest (HUN) / Elektrostal (RUS) 2006 Palma de Mallorca (ESP)
2007 Antwerp (BEL) 2008 Belgrade (SERB) 2009 Prague (CZ)
2010 Helsinki (FIN) 2011 Belgrade (SERB) 2012 Antwerp (BEL)
2013 Poznan (POL) 2014 Dordrecht (NER) 2015 Baku (AZER)

The first time Belgium was part of the Olympic games was 1900. The first Olympia winner was the archery Hubert Van Innis in the same year. Gérard Blitz was the first swimming Olympia winner, bronze on the 100m backstroke in 1920.

In the European Junior Championships was the first Belgium winner in 1975 Carine Verbauwen. The silver medal for 800m freestyle. She even won two silver medals in 1976.

1978 – Pascale Verbauwen – 400 m freestyle

1983 – Ingrid Lempereur – bronze medal in 100m breaststroke

1985 – Isabelle Arnould – bronze medal in 800m freestyle

1989 – Nancy Goossens – silver medal in 200m breaststroke

1990 – Frédéric De Burghgraeve – silver medal in 100m breaststroke

1990 – Frédéric De Burghgraeve – silver medal in 200m breaststroke

1995 – Stefanie Tafniez – silver medal in 200m individual medley

1996 – Roel Janssens – bronze medal in 200m individual medley

1997 – Fabienne Dufour – gold medal in 100m butterfly

1997 – Fabienne Dufour – silver medal in 100m freestyle

1999 – Nina Van Koeckhove – bronze medal in 100m freestyle

1999 – Nina Van Koeckhove – bronze medal in 200m freestyle

2005 – Jorina Aerents – silver medal 50m backstroke

2006 – Yoris Grandjean – gold medal 1oom freestyle

2006 – Yoris Grandjean – bronze medal 50m freestyle

At the World Juniors Championship got Yoris Grandjean 2006 the gold medal in 50 and 100m freestyle.